Sophisticated minimalism in the heart of Dalmatia

The Adriatic’s well-known beauty can be reduced to a three color palette: blue tones of the sea and sky, shades of green and the pale gray of sunbaked stone. Even with such a modest palette, nature has been able to create landscapes of nearly indescribable beauty. In the bay of Šibenik, the Croatian architect Nikola Bašić recognized nature’s simple beauty and skillfully translated it into the contemporary and sophisticated architecture of the D-Resort hotel.

D-Resort sits on the Mandalina Peninsula opposite the city of Šibenik, in the heart of the luxurious and award-winning D-Marin Madalina marina. The hotel overlooks Šibenik. Its glass facade reflects the city, transforming the old Šibenik belfry and palaces into a modernist collage, cut and composed with the colors of the Mediterranean. The hotel’s modern shape compliments the topography of the beautiful terrain and calls to mind the shape of the ships sailing into the bay.


The colors of Dalmatia’s nature are reflected in the refined, minimalist architecture of the hotel - the pale color of the sunlit stone, where the vegetation surrounds the hotel and guests are met with the aroma of olives, citrus, laurel, rosemary and pine. Calming tones of blue and green cannot be avoided here as the sky and the sea are mirrored in hotel’s pools. The exterior enters the interior of the hotel, and the interior with its organic textures and natural materials embodies the elegance of the Mediterranean landscape.

Ivan Čorić / D-Resort Šibenik
The harmony between nature and the hotel’s modern architecture creates the space for a simple, minimalistic beauty that is not hidden in detail, but rather in the absence of it: a pure and clear design inspired by the area’s nature.

Textures and colors from stone, wood, iron, and concrete, from rough to smooth, surprise all the senses. The space resembles the very essence of nature itself, reflected in countless facets of a beautifully cut diamond. The entire hotel is filled with valuable works of contemporary art and design and each corner is a piece of esthetic beauty.


The D-Resort feeds on more than just a feeling - the cuisine on offer is the highlight of contemporary gastronomic art and comes from the finest local ingredients. Dine under the stars, on the terrace of the hotel or in a private, intimate setting of secluded coves off the islands of the Kornati archipelago. Enjoy a glass of fine wine from the local vineyards, which you can also tour, where world famous wines are produced. The Šibenik area, the Bibić and Gracin wineries and the nearby national parks of Krka and Kornati are all beautiful and yours to explore, from land, sea or air.

D-Resort Šibenik
Ivan Čorić / D-Resort Šibenik

All those looking for top-notch, personalized service in a setting with elegant, simplistic beauty will find it at D-Resort, a place of sophisticated minimalism in the heart of Dalmatia.


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Dalmatia - Šibenik