Škraping International Trekking Race

Škraping International Trekking Race

Škraping is a unique international trekking race on sharp island rocks and  belongs to the kind of extreme sports. Held each year on the island of Pašman in March.

Competitors at the start of the race get map of the island showing the checkpoints that must go as soon as possible.
The race is divided into three categories: Ultra-trail of approximately 47 km, Challenger of approximately 25 km, Active of approximately 12 km and the Light-Jogging of approximately 6 km.

During the race competitors pass control points, despite the attractive locations of the island of Pašman, and Škraping except sports and tourism takes on the character in terms of learning the content of the island and the Croatian tourism promotion as a destination for an active vacation.
Every year this event has a lot of media coverage.
Visitors and athletes come from neighboring and other European countries and thus indirectly promote the island and Croatia.
Are offered homemade cuisine, quality accommodation and a wide range of services. The end result is the promotion of sport and tourism promotion of the island as well as the evaluation of natural and cultural heritage.

The Škraping maintained and Fair island products to encourage the development of production and conservation of the island's indigenous native products from the island.
As recognition of the quality of the project Škraping is the holder of the prestigious mark  "Croatian Island Product".

Škraping has become to island a window to the world and the way in which the island can connect with the world.


ORGANIZERS: Općina Tkon, "Orlić d.o.o." , TZ Općine Tkon.